The First 6 Weeks in the Garden



Even when winter seems to be at its zenith, St. Patrick’s Day is the time I start thinking about planting my peas and other cold crops.    On the warm days, I drive up to my plots at Rosedale Community garden to access, clean up the fall clutter and start planning for the season to come.    Since I am also involved on the leadership team at Rosedale, I am often in the city attending steering meetings,workshops or helping with events so I frequently stop in the garden for short periods of time during the early days of spring.   This is the first time I’ve kept track of my spring gardening schedule and it amazes me how much I am there.

After months away from the community garden, I am always so happy to start gardening again.   Its wonderful to see my gardening friends again, meet new gardeners and talk about our plans for the season.    When I started gardening at Rosedale 15 years ago, I lived in the mountains and was busy with my growing family so this process didn’t happen until mid-May.    But more recently, I’ve committed myself to starting earlier, despite the spring snows, so I can maximize my harvest and experience the joy of harvesting spring crops in June.   So, here is what spring looks like at my community garden.

Tuesday, March 12

Visit garden plot for first time since November; lots to clean up with large piles of dry plants, leaves, torn up paths, tomato cages, hoses, stakes and stuff cluttering the picketed area

Thursday, March 14

Rosedale Steering Meeting

Sunday, March 23

Meet garden partners, Susan and Natalie at Panera for garden planning; draw map, discuss plant wish list; changes and updates

Wednesday, March 27

Wash pots and trays in bleach water for seedlings, set up table by window and fill with planter’s mix,  sort through seeds and make selections, Rosedale Garden Spring Meeting at Daz Bog Coffee

Friday, April  5  

Put wheel barrel full of compost from Rosedale pile along fence post and salad bed, plant peas; till salad garden and plant spinach, radish, leeks with Susan, bags up large dried plant material — sunflowers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomato vines; take home metal trellis for repair

Saturday, April 6             

Plant seeds at home:  pumpkins, squash, zinneas, marigolds, basil, parsley, gourds, etc.

Thursday, April 11 

Rosedale Steering Meeting, Lunch meeting with new gardener Terry and Susan at Park Burger; visit plot

Saturday, April 13 

With Natalie, clean up  garden in the afternoon; 2 hours; Natalie plant onions, etc.

Monday, April 15            

Fill up 5 black bags with dried tomato plants, garbage, large compost, and sunflowers, put in dumpster, dig up corn stalk roots. Take up ripped fabric; 2 hours

Thursday, April 18          

Clean up paths, pick up burlap, hang up, put down compost and newspapers, water peas with jugs of water, 2 hours; purchase horihori at Birdsall’s

Tuesday, April 23

Assist with  Rosedale garden workshop on Basic Organic Gardening at Daz Bog

Wednesday, April 24

Attend Master Gardening Session at Denver Botanic Gardens, teach mini class on Putting Your Garden to Rest

Thursday, April 25

Rosedale Steering Meeting

Friday, April 26

Measure Garden and Map online, 2 hours; plant carrot seeds in salad garden

Saturday, April 27           

With Natalie, dig up rhubarb and place in wheel barrel to share, plant more seeds in salad garden, clean up compost veggie debris, clean up compost trench, work on paths with old compost, check irrigation, attend olla workshop

Sunday, April 29

Dig in rabbit fence, plant more peas, learn how to use broad fork with Syd, plant more seeds at home, Susan Y. brings compost from freezer down to bury in garden

Tuesday, May 1

With Susan, plant more salad garden, weed grass out of compost, bring up fabric from pumpkin patch, put 3 buckets compost on mounds, pull up raised beds by playground

Wednesday,May 2

Go plant shopping with Terry, snowing, obtain seed donation from Jareds for Project Angel Heart Meeting at garden, purchase seeds and broccoli, cabbage; visit Home Depot too

Friday, May 3

Pick up 10 ollas at Amy’s house, plant broccoli and cabbage, water

Saturday, May 4

Terry – bury 3 ollas by east hose bib, plant purple onions, transplant some iris, transfer some compost from trench to paths in pumpkin patch, turn compost heap

Sunday, May 5

Plant more seeds at home; start to repot some seedlings


About anaincolorado

Hi, I am an avid gardener both at home and at Rosedale Community Garden where I've had a plot for 19 years. I am very interested in learning more about gardening, how to preserve it, incorporating farm fresh produce into my cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. In addition, I am a Master Community Gardener through Denver Urban Gardens and am a shareholder at the Chatfield CSA. In 2015, I spearheaded an effort to start a community donation garden at St. Philip's Lutheran Church -- a project I will share on my blog. I am eager to share what I've learned and the adventures I had learning new things and interacting with the garden community.

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