Ayurveda: A New Approach to Eating Right


One of the coolest features of the Red Rocks Fitness Challenge  is the opportunity to take online nutrition classes.   I attended my first class tonight and was very pleasantly surprised at how interesting and applicable the topic of discussion was.     Before signing on, the instructor, Tracey Stevens, emailed me a survey entitled “Ayurvedic Questionnaire”.    The questions fell into five categories:  mental, behavioral, emotional, physical and fitness with 3 choices each.     The scores fell into three areas:   winter/vata, summer/pitta and spring/kapha.   My scores ended up pretty evenly balanced between these three areas with my personality most aligned to vata or winter.

I learned that Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system known as the “science of life” .   The three aforementioned categories, vata, pitta and kapha or “dosha’s” refer to elemental substances that roughly describe a person’s personality, propensity to certain illnesses and preferences.  According to the survey,  I am primarily vata or winter, for example, since I tend to me more quick, imaginative, speedy, energetic, etc.   But with these qualities, I also have a propensity toward certain physical ailments related to skin disorders, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, etc.     So, using the information about my personality type, I can work on balancing myself out with a better diet, exercise and lifestyle plan.

In summary, our instructor gave us some homework to assist us in our weight loss/maintenance goals.   I think her suggestions could be helpful to everyone so I am sharing them here:

  • Rise with the sun.
  • Morning time between 6 and 10 am is the best time for physical activity.
  • Eat a decent breakfast with protein when you are hungry.   9 am is OK.
  • Eat a large midday meal as close to 1:30 or 2 pm as possible.   Eat until you feel full.
  • Eat a snack for dinner or nothing at all.
  • No snacking between meals.
  • Go to sleep by 10 pm or when tiredness comes.
  • Eat foods that are in season.
  • Participate in physical activity that helps balance you out.   I should do yoga, for example, because it might slow me down.
  • Moisturize inside and out.

I am looking forward to learning more about Ayurveda and how it might enhance my life.   What about you?


About anaincolorado

Hi, I am an avid gardener both at home and at Rosedale Community Garden where I've had a plot for 19 years. I am very interested in learning more about gardening, how to preserve it, incorporating farm fresh produce into my cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. In addition, I am a Master Community Gardener through Denver Urban Gardens and am a shareholder at the Chatfield CSA. In 2015, I spearheaded an effort to start a community donation garden at St. Philip's Lutheran Church -- a project I will share on my blog. I am eager to share what I've learned and the adventures I had learning new things and interacting with the garden community.

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