Spring in Littleton: The Crabapple Trail


A few years ago, I discovered a little treasure in my hometown of Littleton, CO.   The Crabapple Trail, a civic project started nearly 40 years ago, winds through a few flowering miles of neighborhood streets in the downtown area.    And its colorful peak only lasts a few days during the month of April.   Its a Springtime ritual not to be missed.

I first saw the signs in 2012 and enthusiastically followed the trail that April.   I  missed the peak in 2013 but this year, I was fortunate enough to remember just as the pink and white buds appeared.   To my delight, I was able to tour the blooming route several times with my mother, my sister’s mother-in-law, and my children.   To fully enjoy the crabapple trees, one must drive with the windows down to inhale the fragrance of the trees.    9166290_orig

The crowning vista of the route can be found at Jackass Hill Park located at
the crest of a hill on the south end of Prince Street.    Trees bloom on both sides of the park entrance with the snowcapped Rockies in the distance and casting a dramatic backdrop for a perfectly stunning photo.   Its easy to pull over to take a few photos at the park.   But, don’t forget to stop and look up through the flowering tree boughs at the blue sky peeking through, close your eyes and take a deep breath.   The beautiful sight and smell signifies the coming of Spring in the most perfect way.IMG_4312[1]IMG_4345[1]


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