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Christine’s Garden — Easthampton, MA

Christine’s  Garden — Easthampton, MA

Visiting other people’s gardens is one of my favorite things do.   I am eager to see how they do it and possibly learn something that I can apply to my own gardens.    During my trip to Smith College for my 30th College Reunion in May, I was forturnate to have the opportunity to provide rides for the Headquarters Chair, Christine Kravetz Mc arthy,  whose only form of wheeled transportation is a bike.   Our chief mission was to harvest fresh lilacs from her yard to decorate the tables at one of our reunion dinners.   Making several trips to her house in Easthampton, Christine gave me an inside glimpse of the surrounding community, her garden, the local farm stands, the bike paths, and the Northampton Community Garden.   What a treat it was!!!!


Harvested lilacs ready for transport to Smith College Reunion Dinner. Imagine the beauty of all little blue flowers lighting up the Spring lawn!!!


Seedlings sprouting in egg cartons.


Christine giving me a tour of her berry patch.

Even though, it was barely mid-May, Christine’s garden was already blooming with flowers, salad greens, herbs, spinach, fledging tomatoes, garlic and more!    The last frost date must be earlier in Massachutts — we are so often bitten by frost, snow or ice as late at May 22 in Denver.   On her driveway, Christine had seeds sprouting in egg cartons and other seedlings housed in a kiddie pool.

A bed ready for planting.

A bed ready for planting.


The backyard was blooming with flowers, lilacs and spring veggies behind a sweet white house on a quiet street right off the bike path.


Lettuce happily growing in straight rows.


Autumn’s garlic standing tall with kale in the background.