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The Quest for the Perfect Tomato: The Maglia Rose

The Quest for the Perfect Tomato:  The Maglia Rose


Many passionate gardeners, including myself, propagate a variety of seedlings in early spring and after weeks or months of careful pampering and re-potting,  we often find ourselves with extra to share.  It was my good fortune that my garden pal Suzanne had extra tomato plants and offered me some  — four coffee cups containing three or more leggy 3 ft tall tomato plants which she called “Ana’s Tomatoes”.   When I asked her why, she said that they had come from a tomato I had given her last fall.   Of course, I remembered the exchange but also had forgotten the name of the tomato.

IMG_9750I recalled the box of sweet golf ball sized red and green streaked cherry tomatoes Katherine had brought to the seed exchange last fall.   I messaged her and Katherine reminded me that the tomatoes were called “Maglia Rose” after the mottled pink jersey worn by the lead racer in the Tour d’Italia.   Her husband had read about this variety in a newspaper article discussing research and rankings of heirloom tomatoes.   Ranked number one on the list, the Maglia Rose were considered easy to grow, prolific and resistant to disease.   Phil ordered seeds and has successfully grown the Magia Rose for several years.

“The Quest for the Perfect Tomato”, Washington Post, 9/15/17.


Katherine and Phil’s crop of Maglia Rose tomatoes are very tall and hardy by late July.


I transplanted the gifted tomato plants into earth boxes in my home garden and directly into the soil at my Rosedale Community Garden.   They were a little gangly so I propped them up with some red sumac branches from my winter pots.  So far, the plants are  thriving and full of little green tomatoes.   I see a large  harvest of Maglia Rose tomatoes in my future.

Description of the Maglia Rose:

  • Short, semi-determinate vines are good for pots and containers
  • Ready about 55 days after transplanting
  • The vines can be left to sprawl and do not need to be stakes.
  • Fruits prolifically
  • Pick tomatoes while they are light pink, which is the stage when peak flavor occurs